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Our hair transplant before and after photos portrays Dr. Julieta Peralta Arambulo “s skills talent and years of experience. Our patients hair transformation are our actual patients, true products of our teamwork and a well planned procedure ,with natural and successful results from STRIP or FUE hair transplant or FUE/STRIP combination . Included also , are our hair transplant patient’s reviews, who are willing to be Dr. Arambulo’s references as well.

Here at Asian Hair Restoration Center Philippines Dr. Arambulo makes sure quality hair transplant is provided with the goal of creating the results that is natural ,with good density and undetectable scarring . Because of this Dr. Arambulo opens opportunities to our surgical team to get updated on hair transplant instrumentation and technology .

Our hair transplant before and after photos are superiorly clear and original that illustrates Dr. Julieta Arambulo’s talent, artistic eye as hair transplant surgeon. The role of her well trained surgical team who are dedicated to excellence is important to generate the best hair transplant results .

Before you choose a hair restoration surgeon, make sure a licensed experienced and properly trained physician will be responsible for your treatment. It’s a good idea to ask your hair restoration surgeon a lot of questions so you can have confidence in your decision.

Hair transplantation is an art and when done correctly, the outcome can be so natural that even your hair stylist will not know that you have had it done. Dr. Arambulo is updated ,performs the hair transplant surgery with skills and efficiency so that your new hair will look genuine, feel natural and no one will know the difference unless you tell them.

Click the links below to see more of our results from both techniques STRIP or FUT or combination , note the details and close ups on photos and video footage for you to understand better how we can be of help to you in treating your hair loss problem.

Click Male Pattern Baldness Hair Transplant Results

Asian Hair Restoration Center

Click Female Pattern Baldness Hair Transplant Results

Asian Hair Restoration Center proudly presents the hair transplant before and after results which  are authentic or genuine results, with crystal clear photos that represents a “World class hair transplant”. Our work speaks for itself, also portrays Dr. Arambulo’s (a board certified hair transplant specialist) , years of practice, updated knowledge , artistic skills,  “the authority ” in hair transplant in the Philippines. 

For those who will copy our photos and post them in there websites without our consent, penalty will be applied.


This patient with Androgenic Alopecia type VII, had 4 sessions by STRIP and FUE combination. Watch his complete hair transplant journey , the full coverage of his severe baldness problem. The video is composed of 4 parts .Click the link below Part 2 and follow us in Youtube @asianhairrestorationcenter.

You have to finish the little introduction about Dr. Arambulo before you can see the full photo and video documentation of the first hair transplant session of this patient ,which is, hairline restoration. Know about the genuine results from hair transplant procedure.


This patient is young who opted to have hairline restoration with 1 session of STRIP FUT. Notice the density created. This procedure is allowed  only after careful assessment and evaluation  of patient’s hair loss family history and his goal.

This is a diabetic patient, after 1 session only  by STRIP FUT technique.We also transplant his crown area during the same session .Click to see the result of his crown hair transplant.


This patient with hair loss of hairline and mid scalp  had 2 sessions of hair restoration by strip FUT 


This patient had 2 sessions of hair restoration technique: 1st session by  STRIP FUT and 2nd session by Follicular unit excision or FUE. This is the result of his  1 session.


This young patient had 2 sessions of hair restoration procedure: Strip surgery and FUE. This is the outcome after 2 sessions. He was featured on TV patrol few months after his 1st hair restoration procedure , testifying the hair is starting to grow. Since hair loss especially in young patient is progressive as in this patient , the 2nd session was done to add more hair density .


This patient had 1 session of hairline hair transplant by  STRIP FUT 


This patient had hairline hair restoration by STRIP FUT


This patient had STRIP surgery.He is young and to delay the second procedure he was advised to take Finasteride. This is the result of hair transplant and medical treatment for hair loss combined.


This underwent hairline restoration by  Follicular unit extraction (FUE), result of 1 session .


This patient wanted hair restoration by FUE technique to increase the hair density


This patient had FUE procedure to build the hairline


This patient had single procedure by FUE technique.


This patient had single Follicular Unit Excision or FUE  to build the fronto -temporal hairline


This patient had  the temple restoration by small session of FUE


This patient with thin hair caliber  had 1 session by STRIP hair transplant.









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Asian Hair Restoration Center in the  Philippines  is proud to showcase the  eye catching crown hair transplant result ,which before and after  photos are 100% ours, authentic or original done by our hair transplant specialist , Dr. Julieta Peralta Arambulo. According to her it takes many years of experience and an artistic eye for a hair transplant surgeon and a good hair transplant surgical team  to produce an excellent crown hair transplant results like hers . Our crown hair transplant results are  100% real or authentic, that are  clearly presented both in pictures and video footages . Hair transplant of the crown requires the hair doctor ‘s skill ,experience and artistic eye for this most challenging procedure to produce an  amazing results.  Below are more details about crown hair transplant results  and video footage which is partly of the patient’s hair transplant reviews and stories.

This  is the crown hair transplant result by FUE technique, 1 session in young patient 

This patient with Androgenic Alopecia type VII had STRIP FUT hair transplant for his first session to restore mainly the hairline. Few grafts were place in the crown area with this result. He came back for the second session which result is seen below. Subscribe to our youtube @asianhairrstorationcenter channel to see the results more clearly and watch his video testimonial.

The excellent result of crown hair transplantation, the same patient as above by STRIP and FUE combination hair transplant procedure.This whole scalp coverage by hair restoration procedure, is definitely an “ART” of work made possible by talented hair transplant specialist as Dr. Arambulo

This patient is diabetic and opted for hairline transplant ,click to see his result here. He requested that his crown are be transplanted as well for little improvement which he did not expect this much good results after hair transplant of 1000 grafts only. Again emphasis is , excellent hair transplant results come with artistic eye of the hair restoration specialist.

Crown Hair Transplant Philippines

This patient was done 8 years ago by STRIP hair transplant technique. He had 2 sessions with us. Watch his video hair transplant testimonial below.


Female Pattern Hair Loss also called Female Pattern Baldness is a genetic condition that has a different clinical presentation compared to Male Pattern Alopecia. To compare with affected male, the affected female has a diffuse hair loss pattern.

For female patient’s experiencing hair loss, a careful assessment of scalp conditions , pattern of thinning hair evaluation and complete clinical history by a board certified dermatologist become very important.

Surgical treatment for female hair loss in the experience of Dr. Arambulo is successful. Below are our hair transplant before and after photos in our patients with Female Pattern Hair Loss :


This  patient  with female pattern baldness had 1 session of hair transplant procedure by STRIP technique


This patient had hair transplant lowering of hairline . She had 1 session by STRIP procedure. The hair transplant results shown here was 4 months after her procedure.

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